Hector Delgadillo –

We went out into the marketplace and asked business owners and CEO’s of large chain restaurants what they thought they paid each year in water usage for their respective businesses. Some of them were very dissatisfied with their yearly expenditures. Many were concerned about their profits and they were likewise concerned about the environmental impact their business was having.

But how to cool and clean the Woks effectively and not use so much water?

We have the answer:

The Wok Water Saver

Our solution provides for more efficient water usage in every restaurant that uses Woks to prepare food.  We wanted to make the necessity of continuously running water for cooling Woks a thing of the past.

The cook need only activate the photoelectric cell with a gesture and water would flow instantly, turning on for a brief period for cleaning the Wok.  Then the water turns off to reduce consumption.

The GRS lines in the Wok tables now take on the job of cooling them down to the perfect temperature.

Our Wok Water Saver has full patent with U.S. Patent Office and also internationally.

Patent Pending


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